I am currently offering coaching services by phone and Zoom. We can also make use of Mural, a powerful and easy to use tool for visual collaboration.

Are you reaching for some kind of transformation in your life, work, or relationship?

Whether you are clear about what you want to be different, or just clear that something needs to change, coaching can help you move through the process of identifying and letting go of what’s in your way, getting a clearer, more useful sense of what you want, and developing new frameworks, tools and habits that will get you there.

Introducing New Perspectives Coaching

I’m Tasha Harmon, founder of New Perspectives. I’ve spent most of my life creating containers where discovery and growth can happen. Whether in a preschool classroom, a nonprofit board retreat, a band rehearsal, an individual meeting with a staff person, or a coalition meeting, my role has always been to facilitate a process that encourages people to discover what they need to discover and makes positive change possible.

I have long and deep experience in the nonprofit sector in many roles. I am a certified professional co-active coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute. I am a musician, a step-mom, and a student of yoga, voice dialogue, and nonviolent communication. (You’ll find more details about my experience and credentials on the About Tasha page, and more about these modalities in the Reading List and Links page of the Tools section.)

My hope for the world is that we can begin to move from fear-based/self-protective responses to our circumstances and each other (disconnection) to feeling whole and safe enough in ourselves to be curious about each others’ experiences, feelings and needs, and about ways to get everybody’s needs met (connection); that we can move out of the zero sum game mentality and into compassionate creativity. In my experience, this shift opens up new and creative solutions to problems of inequity and discrimination, inefficiency and ineffectiveness, disengagement, dishonesty, scarcity, and conflict.

I do a lot of work with organizations, and I love doing that; but my work with individuals allows me to go deeper, and, I think, to have a bigger impact on the world. When working with me frees people to bring their full selves into their lives and work, and to do what they do from a place of curiosity, creative resiliency and joy rather than fear and defensiveness, the contributions of each of those people is more powerful, and they inspire and facilitate this kind of development in others. So it keeps rippling out.

If you want to reconnect to the parts of you that you’ve been operating without, move through fears and old self-protective strategies that are in your way, and step into your gifts in ways that make doing the good work you want to do easier and more fulfilling, I would love to work with you.

You will find more details at How This Works.

What Sort of Coaching Do You Want?

I coach individuals and relationships, facilitate groups, teach workshops and classes, write articles, and create other support materials for these processes.

For more information on each of these formats, click the headers below, or use the menu bar at the top of the page.

Coaching Processes
I meet with people individually to facilitate and support their discovery and change processes in many different life arenas. (This can sometimes involve coaching people about their relationships, but it involves coaching just one person in the relationship.)

Relationship Coaching
I work with couples or groups (including families) who are struggling with aspects of their relationships, to help them: identify and shift patterns and assumptions that are getting in their way; deepen their curiosity about their own experience and that of the other; and develop common tools that make communicating, understanding each other, and solving problems together easier. For more information on relationship coaching, you can follow the link here, or look in the menu bar above. (Note: If you are interested in having me work with a workplace-based team, please see the pages of my website focused on Leadership Coaching.)

Groups and Retreats
I facilitate a variety of coaching groups and retreats. I am also available to lead experiences for existing groups of various kinds. When I have a group forming, or am offering a retreat, that information will be on the Coaching Groups page of the website.

I teach workshops at my home studio, at conferences, at educational institutions, in private homes for groups of friends, and for organizations/groups. When I am teaching workshops that are open to anyone, they will be listed on the Workshops page of my website.

I write articles for my own eNewsletters and for publications and other people’s websites. Click here to subscribe to Perspectives, my eNewsletter focused on work with individuals. Click here to subscribe to Different Angles, my eNewsletter focused on work with organizations. If you are interested in an article for your website or publication, please contact me.

Getting Started

If you want a taste of some of the tools I use in coaching processes, click here for links to recordings of several one-hour Lunch and Learn workshops I did at the Multnomah County Library.

You can also explore some of these tools in handout form on the Tools page.

My coaching-focused eNewsletter Perspectives provides short, useful articles and information about upcoming workshops, groups and other opportunities. You can read older issues via links on that page.


If you have questions about any of this, please contact me. I’d love to talk with you.

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