Growing into Ourselves: Women in the Process of Becoming

This is a new workshop series, offered by Jenny Leis and Tasha Harmon. Join us on three Sunday afternoons this fall for facilitated reflection dedicated to listening to our own hearts and wisdom, in service to transformation.

There are times in our lives when the things we think we know about who we are, and who we are becoming, are called into question. If you feel like you are trying to chart a path through an unfamiliar landscape, and find yourself questioning your assumptions about who you are, and who you want to be, this workshop is for you.

Path of red earth into woods

Are you asking:

Who am I now?
What do I want?
What are my gifts?
What do I offer the world?
What are my truths?
What life do I want to be living?
How do I do this?
What are my strengths?
My resources?

As humans, we often find uncertainty deeply challenging. It is easy to fall into fear, but there are gifts in these times of upheaval:

  • Distractions fall away – we can see the bigger questions and discover what is most important to us.
  • Previous assumptions about who we are disappear – possibilities emerge that we would not have seen.
  • Where there is fear there is power – times of chaos show us where our power is.
  • These times invite our courage and our passions to emerge – we are more open to our own wisdom.

Will you lock down, or reach out for who you are becoming?

Making good use of the invitations offered in these times of huge change requires a space in which we can focus on ourselves in a proactive way – not “woe is me” but “what is here for me?”  If we don’t have that space, our energy is being poured into surviving, not creating.

Still water - pond with trees

When we do this work, we gain access to our best selves and step into our gifts and our power. The world, and the people we love, need our gifts and our power. And when we stand in those gifts and that power, we are joyful.

The path is made in the walking of it.

~ Zhuangzi

Join Us

Join a group of 7-10 other women-identified people who are also standing in this place of uncertainty, for three Sunday afternoons dedicated to listening to our own hearts and wisdom. We will use interactive facilitated exercises, writing, art, and gentle movement to explore where we are now, and what we want to create in our lives going forward. Then we’ll design — and start taking — specific actions that will support us in making the changes we want to make.

Evergreen branch extended

The workshop series will happen on Sunday afternoons, October 13th and 27th and November 10th from 1:00 to 6:00 (three meetings total). It will meet in the beautiful community yurt at the Tryon Life Community Farm in SW Portland. The setting will be rustic, but comfortable (heat, chairs, pillows and blankets, composting toilets). It is not ADA accessible, and requires crossing unpaved and somewhat rough ground. Please ask if you have accessibility concerns.

The yurt on the green

The Details

The cost for the three-session workshop is $460.  That price reflects the direct costs of offering the workshop and a modest payment to the facilitators. We want to make this group as accessible as possible. If you are living on an income that makes $460 unaffordable for you, you may pay anything between $350 and $460. If you are able to contribute to the fund that allows us to cover those low end of sliding scale folks, please pay something between $460 and $550. You can pay via check, cash, Paypal or Venmo.

We ask you to pay in full before the first session, but call us if you need a payment plan.  Workshop participants also get a special rate of $50/hour for individual coaching sessions with Tasha done between October 15th and December 15th, 2019. (The normal rate is $80/hour.)

To Register: Email your interest to Jenny at or call/text her at 503-548-8459 for questions. She will respond with a confirmation, answers to questions, and payment details. The registration deadline is October 1st.  We need a deposit of $100 by then to secure your spot. Payment in full is required by October 10th (ask if you need a payment plan). This workshop will be capped at 10 people so we recommend signing up soon.

Refund Policy: Cancellations before October 1st can apply their $100 deposit to coaching with Tasha, or get a $50 refund. Cancellations between October 1st and October 10th forfeit the $100 deposit, but anything else paid will be refunded. After October 10th we cannot make refunds.

Parking: Parking is limited at the Farm, so once we know who is coming, we will help you arrange carpools either from your homes, or from a nearby public parking lot.

Workshop Leaders

This workshop will be co-led by Jenny Leis and Tasha Harmon.


Jenny is a spark of enthusiasm! She has 20-years experience developing organizational systems for grassroots non-profits, facilitating collective group process, managing volunteers, organizing campaigns, raising funds and hosting events. Immersed in the “movement of movements” since 2001, she is inspired and informed by innovative social change efforts that foreground healthy group process as a necessary foundation for creating external change.

Jenny’s master’s degree in Whole Systems Design is accompanied by decades of practical experience in learning what makes groups and individuals thrive. Over the past several years, she has deepened her commitment to anti-oppression and is working to better understand and change both the systems and behaviors that perpetuate oppression.

After a decade of working with small non-profits, Jenny is now focusing her skills, energy and experience on facilitating, teaching and supporting individual and group changemakers. She specializes in consensus decision-making, visual thinking (translating ideas into folk graphics), facilitated reflection, and helping people thrive (even have fun!) as they navigate complex social and interpersonal issues. Her teaching style is based in compassion for the hard work of social change, lighthearted silliness, interactive activities and commitment to healthy communication.

Jenny lives in the Cedar Moon intentional community located at Tryon Life Community Farm, a seven-acre non-profit sustainability/anti-oppression education center, which she co-founded in 2005.


A bit about me (Tasha) as it relates to this workshop series.

I am a facilitator, trainer and coach for individuals, relationships and organizations of all shapes and sizes. While that work takes many forms, it is always focused on transformational (not just incremental) change, and I always invites the wisdom of the whole person, including the body, to lead the process of discovering what each of us needs to thrive, as individuals and in relationships and groups. Practices I draw from include co-active coaching, participatory decision-making, nonviolent communication, voice dialogue, and others.

I am a lifetime social justice activist, and am currently deepening my practice around privilege and anti-oppression work. I am a cis-gendered bisexual woman, obsessed with neuroscience and how it helps us understand humaning and get better at it.  I am also a practicing writer, musician, step-mother and grandmother. These days I am learning a whole new set of perspectives and skills as a care-partner both for my partner who has Parkinson’s Disease and my aging parents. You can find yet more about me on the about Tasha page of this website.

The "roof" of the maple grove at TLC Farm

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