I am currently offering workshops using Zoom and Mural, a powerful online tool for visual collaboration.

This is where I list upcoming public classes and workshops focused on individual facilitation tools and approaches when I have such workshops scheduled.

Upcoming Workshops at PCC

I am doing workshops through PCC’s continuing education division. These will be offered online using Zoom and Mural (one of my favorite new tools). Because we are using Mural, you will need a computer, rather than a phone, to participate.

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My fall-term PCC workshops are focused on my work with organizations. I will do Tools for Getting Unstuck, and perhaps one other coaching-focused workshop winter term.

How to Make Online Meetings Less Terrible, a 2 hour workshop for anybody feeling challenged by running online meetings, is Tuesday, October 5th, from 6:30 to 8:30. NOTE: The PCC catalogue lists the end time as 8:20. but we will go to 8:30. The CRN is 45396. The cost is $29.
Are you frustrated by how hard it is to get folks to engage and do collaborative work in online meetings? We’ll use Zoom and Mural to explore facilitation techniques and ways to do visual collaboration online that will energize your meetings, increase engagement, and help you get good work done. This workshop will use the online collaboration tool Mural, but many of the ideas presented can also be done on other visual collaboration tools, like Google’s Jamboard. You will need a computer (not a phone) to be able to participate. You do need to pre-register through PCC.

Tools for Good Meeting Facilitation will run four consecutive Tuesdays, starting October 26th, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. NOTE: PCC lists the end time as 8:20, but we will go to 8:30. The CRN is 43804. The cost is $55.
What do you wish you could change in the meetings you run, or participate in? This workshop combines lively presentations on useful tools and practices with Q and A and highly interactive exercises, reflecting on actual challenges experienced by participants. It will be offered online using Zoom and Mural, and include discussion and practice of best practices and tools for facilitating remote meetings. Because we will be using Mural, you will need a computer, rather than a phone, to participate. You do need to pre-register through PCC.

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Create Your Own Workshop

If you and five (or more) other people would like a workshop, in your home or workplace or mine, or if your group would like a workshop at an event, I’d love to talk to you.  I offer many different workshops in a variety of formats and lengths.

Some recent workshops include:

  • Tools for Getting Unstuck
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Taming Your Inner Critic
  • Moving from Complaints to Collaboration
  • Building Mutual Respect and Trust

The person who hosts gets to come for free.  Costs vary depending on the length of the workshop and the size of the group.

Want a taste of what a workshop with me is like?  You can listen to podcasts of the one-hour workshops I have offered as part of the Multnomah County Library’s Lunch and Learn series:

If you have questions about workshops, or if you want to host a workshop or be put on a waiting list for when a workshop forms, please contact me.

I also provide workshops and training specifically designed for organizations.  You’ll find information on organizational workshops here.

“This work moves energy quickly – feels simple and meaningful
~Barbara Meyer, Ph.D, Coming Home to Your Body

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