How This Works

The coaching process creates a container and a set of activities that allow you to sink into that spacious stillness that is already inside you, however hidden it may be, so you can choose who to be and what to do from a place where you see yourself more clearly. It is about allowing, inviting things–values, perceptions, assumptions, desires, ideas, visions, knowledge–to emerge into the light where we can see and use them. It is also about learning ways to take effective action to create what you want to create, and finding the courage to do just that.

Coaching nurtures both self-discovery and risk-taking–learning and action are always integrated in this process. It’s a spiral: reflect on your experience (learn), try something different (act), reflect on/learn from that experience, step into that change more deeply, or try something different, reflect/learn, and so on. And all the while you are learning new tools, so you can support yourself in continuing the work.

Through coaching, I help you:

  • See yourself well/unearth what is true for you now
  • Identify the ways in which you are stuck and discover ways to get unstuck
  • Practice new ways of doing things you want to do, so you form new habits
  • Remember your strengths and gifts
  • Remember what you want, what commitments you’ve made to yourself
  • Create structures that support the work you want to be doing, the life you want to be living

What Will Change

  • You will have much better access to your own core strengths, gifts, and wisdom.
  • You will let go of old patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • You will be able to use a variety of new tools to interrupt old patterns and choose to behave differently, in ways that are consistent with your goals and values.
  • You will feel clear, grounded, and alive, a lot more of the time.
  • You will be clearer about what you want, and about how to create that.

What It Looks Like

I do this work in many ways, and in many formats. I draw on tools from many different disciplines, including co-active coaching, voice dialogue, nonviolent communication, yoga, meditation, and some I’ve created for my own use, or when working with colleagues or clients. For details on the formats and cost information, please explore the pages devoted to Coaching Processes, Groups, Workshops/Classes, and Tools and Resources.

You can also get a taste of what I bring by subscribing to the Perspectives eNewsletter, or by listening to several hour-long workshops. You’ll find reflections on the experience of people who’ve worked with me under Testimonials.

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