Responses to Workshops

I ask participants to fill out an anonymous evaluation after workshops. Here are some sample comments from those evaluations.

Responses to Tools for Getting Unstuck:

“Emotional, rewarding and life changing”

“The workshop helped me realize what I need to change, how to do things a bit differently”

“It was fun and you gave me tools I can use every day”

“Tasha has the ability to go beneath the surface of people into the deeper motivations in the way they react to life”

“Very helpful in learning new ways to see and think about things”

“Helpful tools to get your life moving forward”

“(provided) new paths toward solutions — clearing away the internal clutter”

“Exceeded my expectations”

“Great investment of my time”

Responses to Playing Big (a precursor to Taming Your Inner Critic)

“Mind opening class which gives great tools for becoming the person we want to be”

“I feel more ready for change and growth than I have for a while — like I am on a good track”

“Enlightening, uplifting and useful”

“Provides useful, accessible tools for better understanding what is currently motivating you and the factors affecting your decision-making”

“It felt like a very safe place”

“I learned some of the things which I dream of doing but have been too afraid to admit to myself”

“This workshop has changed how I think about my life”

“Very insightful”

“(Tasha) is very open, warm and knowledgeable”

“I’m not as lost as I thought I was! Great way to get in touch with your true self”

“Gives you tangible tools to use on your own. Tasha is really great!”

“This workshop can put your life on fast forward in a very gentle, yet powerful way.”

Responses to Taming Your Inner Critic

“I realized the amount of power and choice I have.”


“Changing your perspective changes everything.”

“Well organized, fun and energizing; very helpful.”

“I’m not crazy — everyone has these voices. Now I have tools to communicate with the inner critic.”

“Brings the personal and practical together. Provides a way to move forward.”

“You are really good at this. I’m so glad to have taken this class.”

“Changed how I thought about myself and what I can do. Life changing.”

“A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties. It was rewarding and had very good results.”

“I needed this class at this time in my life. Can’t thank you enough.”

“My Future Self rocks and I’m so happy I met her!”

Other Testimonials

“Tasha taught me the tools and helped guide me towards rediscovering the woman that I am. Working within a safe space, Tasha created the frame within which I was able to reach within myself and peel back the layers I had built up over the years to reveal a woman I know and love; myself. I look forward to my present and future with excitement and joy, instead of fear and anxiety.” ~ Terri Welsh, Portland OR

“Thank you for enriching my life and helping me to identify and revisit my core values. This process was the foundation to help me recognize the vital pieces of my soul and what it is I enjoy doing. You helped me to reach within myself and remember what makes me happy. You helped me to be strong and to live my life to its fullest. I will always be thankful for the gift you gave to me.” ~ Barbara, Milton-Freewater, OR

“This work moves energy quickly – feels simple and meaningful”  ~ Barbara Meyer, Ph.D, Coming Home to Your Body


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