Making It Work

A Workshop on Creating Powerful and Productive Teams Through Effective Decision-Making

Our success depends on our ability to work together — including making sound decisions that lead to committed action. Despite our best efforts to engage and inform others, effective decision-making is often elusive.

Does any of this sound familiar?

When decision-making and communication processes don’t work well, they eat time, energy and money, cause frustration and resentment, and sabotage even the best plans. These breakdowns can look like complaints that decisions weren’t clear, second-guessing decisions that were already made, people not having the information they need to do their jobs, silo-thinking, conflicts between being inclusive and being efficient, trouble making decisions, etc.

In this highly participatory workshop you will learn powerful, easy-to-use tools that will enhance decision-making, communication, and productivity in your team or organization. Together we will:

  • Explore common causes of communication and decision-making breakdowns;
  • Identify different roles people can play in decision-making and when to use each;
  • Learn tools to unearth conflicting assumptions that can undermine decisions and their implementation, and for determining what kind of decision-making process is needed when, and who needs to be involved;
  • Build skills for getting unstuck when your group is at an impasse; and
  • Set next steps for strengthening decision-making and communication within your team or organization.

The Trainers

Tasha Harmon is a facilitator, consultant, trainer and coach with over 25 years in the nonprofit sector as a staff member, manager, executive director, board member, volunteer, and consultant. She has helped found four nonprofit organizations. Tasha teaches on a wide variety of topics related to decision-making, communication, problem-solving, facilitation, board and staff development, and change management.

Paula Manley is an experienced nonprofit executive director, program director and board leader who brings this extensive practical knowledge to her work a consultant, facilitator, and educator. Paula’s primary focus is helping organizations develop board and staff leaders, embrace diversity, engage in participatory planning, and navigate leadership transitions. She is the principal of Paula Manley Consulting and co-founder of The Learning Commons, a nonprofit that presents intensive leadership institutes for nonprofit leaders throughout the U.S.

Format and Cost

Making It Work can be done as a one-day workshop or a series over several sessions. It can also be included in a larger facilitation, training or coaching package. The cost varies based on the number of participants and trainers, and the amount of customization needed, and whether it is part of a larger package. The cost for the stand alone, one-day version with only basic customization starts at $1600.

Call or email me if you are interested in knowing more or discussing a workshop or training. I look forward to talking with you.

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From Workshop Evaluations: “A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties. It was rewarding and had very good results.”

“(provided) new paths toward solutions — clearing away the clutter”

“Gives you tangible tools to use on your own. Tasha is really great!”

“Exceeded my expectations”

“Well organized, fun and energizing; very helpful.”

“Tasha has the ability to go beneath the surface of people into the deeper motivations in the way they react to life”

“Very helpful in learning new ways to see and think about things”

“Great investment of my time”

“It was fun and you gave me tools I can use every day”

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