It can be easier to do your good work.

Do you have lots of great, dedicated people on your staff or volunteering who care deeply about the work, but who often don’t seem to get the big picture, or don’t seem to have the skills they need to work together as well as you need them to?

Are you tired of getting to the end of your day and feeling like you didn’t get anything on your to-do list accomplished, because you spent the whole day dealing with communication, coordination and decision-making challenges?

Do you desperately need more people on your staff to step up and take on leadership roles in their arenas, but you can’t figure out how to provide the support and training they need when there is so much else that needs doing?

You face enough big external challenges, you don’t need managing and supporting your staff and board to feel like pushing a boulder uphill.

Communication and decision-making inside your organization does not have to feel like a huge struggle, and developing stronger leadership within your staff or board does not have to take time and energy away from getting the work done.

Does any of this sound like your organization?

  • We get bogged down a lot when trying to make decisions;
  • Our meetings just don’t feel very productive;
  • It’s hard to make sure everybody stays informed and coordinated;
  • We have systems in place, but people don’t use them;
  • Too often we make a decision and then people second-guess it or start criticizing and we have to revisit it all over again;
  • We want to be inclusive in how we make decisions, but everybody complains about how long decisions take and how many meetings they have to go to;
  • There is tension between groups/teams – it starts to feel like an “us vs. them” mentality;
  • Our staff are good managers, but they aren’t stepping up into really being leaders – taking initiative for improving things, paying attention to the big picture;
  • People want more freedom to take initiative, but they often don’t have the big picture so they don’t make good decisions;
  • We invest money and time in training, but it’s hard to implement new ways of doing things in the midst of all the work to be done;
  • It feels like the ways we used to operate don’t serve us well anymore.

If any of this sounds like you, the tools that New Perspectives brings can help your staff and board be more engaged, effective and efficient.

You don’t have to choose between being efficient and effective, and nurturing a culture of decision-making that is empowering and inclusive, nor between doing good work in the world, and creating an environment that nurtures creativity and leadership.

Introducing New Perspectives

I’m Tasha Harmon, the founder of New Perspectives Coaching, Training and Facilitation. I’ve been helping nonprofits, community-focused public agencies and small businesses who want to find ways to make doing their good work easier since 1986. I am a professional coach and facilitator with deep experience in the nonprofit world: I’ve been an executive director twice, helped found four successful nonprofits, and supported the development of a wide variety of organizations as a facilitator, trainer, interim director and coach (you’ll find more details under about me). I love helping staff and board members discover what’s making things difficult and identify ways to make doing their work easier, more effective, and more satisfying.

How I Can Help

I facilitate retreats and processes; train staff and board members in communication, decision-making, collaboration, strategic planning, leadership development and facilitation; help design and evaluate systems; and provide coaching for teams and individuals. Please click the Facilitation, Coaching, and Training buttons under Services for more details on what I offer in each of these arenas.

How It Works

Regardless of whether the task at hand is to have a great retreat, improve communication and decision-making, make an important decision, design a new program or process, or improve the performance of a team or individual, you need a process that:

  • Meets you where you actually are;
  • Reflects your core values and mission;
  • Provides practical tools that accomplish your goals and are easy to learn, teach, remember and use;
  • Connects to real work you are trying to get done now;
  • Builds on the deep knowledge that you (the staff, board, etc.) already have to develop approaches that will work for you.

Click here to see more about how it works and who hires me.

Getting Started

I invite you to try out some the new perspectives and tools that could make your work easier with my Tools for Getting Unstuck handouts. You are also invited to subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter Different Angles.

If you are curious about what I might bring to your organization, please contact me to set up a complimentary assessment to explore how I might help you move forward more effectively, with more ease.


“Tasha is extremely intuitive and we felt that in a very short time she understood our dynamics and concerns.  With her guidance, and with tools she provided, we were able to craft a workable plan of action.”

Roberta Hellman
Kol Shalom

“My first experience as an interim executive director of a grassroots nonprofit organization was daunting. One of the best decisions I made during my first month was to hire Tasha as an executive coach.

“Initially she supported the staff as a team coach and effectively helped us identify positive communication strategies and planning processes, always from a place of compassion and curiosity. Several months later Tasha and I continued working together in an individual coaching relationship. In this capacity, we engaged in conversations and exercises that empowered me to stay centered and grounded in the details of my role, while also maintaining big picture perspective.

“I have had the opportunity to work with many effective coaches, consultants and facilitators over the course of my career, but Tasha’s calm demeanor matched with her personal commitment to developing the individual as well as the team is unique and compelling.”

~Rebecca Channer, independent contractor and consultant

“Tasha helped guide us through a difficult transition between Executive Directors.  She was pragmatic and efficient at completing day-to-day tasks, while also visionary and holistic in posing strategic questions that enabled us to make the right choice for our next hire. Her skillful use of consensus decision-making was critical to her success with our organization.”

Lisa Byers, National Community Land Trust Network

From Workshop Evaluations:

“A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties.  It was rewarding and had very good results.”

“(provided)…new paths toward solutions — clearing away the clutter”

“Gives you tangible tools to use on your own.  Tasha is really great!”

“Exceeded my expectations”

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