I am currently offering facilitation services online, using Zoom and Mural, a powerful and easy to use tools for visual collaboration.

Do you need a facilitator who will do more than just manage the agenda?

Too often the meetings and retreats that should be the main arteries and veins of an organization’s circulatory system — “ connecting all our systems, bringing in new fuel, releasing what we no longer need, and energizing and informing our work — get clogged up by boring reports, ineffective discussion, and unclear decision-making, leading to frustration and mistrust that then bog down the next meeting even more. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know I don’t speak for myself alone when I say we had an amazing and really important experience at the retreat, and you were key to that all happening. You invited the great wisdom of the group, helping us to live into being community and leaders in a profound way. Terry at a meeting yesterday called the retreat a “watershed” moment in LP’s history.

~Melissa Reed, The Leaven Project

Do you want to walk away from your next retreat feeling like you did more than let people vent and make another plan that may — or may not — ever actually get implemented?

Do you want to leave your meeting with tools and systems that will continue to guide and support you as work and situations evolve?

Do you want your meeting time to build understanding and trust among participants and give them tools that will help them be more skillful communicators and decision-makers (while also getting through the agenda)?

As a person with deep experience in the nonprofit and community-development worlds, I understand the territory of mission-driven work, board and staff development, board/staff relations, strategic plans, fundraising and funding requirements, collaboration and coalition building, working with volunteers, etc.

As a long-time facilitator and a certified professional co-active coach, I have many tools for helping your group get to the questions you most need to answer, identify places where you’re stuck, find better ways to communicate and make decisions, build trust and mutual respect, and make the path easier.

“It was a difficult situation with many different players that came from several directions that made this situation a particular challenge. It was Tasha’s ability to bring us together that made all feel included and heard. (She) help(ed) us come to a mutual conclusion that was satisfactory for all.”

Tammy Barton, Abernethy Elementary School

Facilitation always takes place in service to specific organizational goals and challenges. I facilitate processes in addition to meetings. My goal as a facilitator is to strengthen the ability of the group to achieve the intentions and goals they’ve set. If this sounds like what you want, I will work with you to identify and/or create simple, powerful tools you will continue to use long after the facilitated process is over. For more about how I approach facilitation, see Is This You? and How It Works. For a list of my areas of deep experience, see Organizational Development.

You’ll find more on my background under about me. You will also find a few of my favorite facilitation tools under Resources.

Cost: My rates for facilitation and other kinds of organizational development work are on a sliding scale from $70 to $185/hour.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your facilitation needs, how I might approach them, what tools could be most useful, options for facilitation and what they might cost.


“Tasha has a deft hand at group facilitation, which often leads to quick and thorough consensus.”

~Linda Colwell, eat.think.grow

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