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I’m Tasha Harmon, founder of New Perspectives Facilitation, Coaching and Training. I combine over 20 years of professional experience in community development and the non-profit sector with my skills as a co-active coach to support people in community-focused organizations who want to work more easily, creatively, and effectively to accomplish their good work.

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I am committed to building healthier communities.

I’ve lived pretty much my whole life immersed in trying to create healthy communities. I grew up in the household of a Montessori pre-school teacher and a community organizer, spend my undergraduate years trying to understand how social change happens, and my graduate school years learning more about how physical and economic structures shape communities and relationships. Much of my work life focused on creating communities where the housing stock meets the needs of everyone in the community, while my volunteer time has been spent in my step-daughter’s public schools, and helping create the Coalition for a Livable Future, the Portland Community Land Trust (now ProudGround), and the Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition.

I ‘get’ nonprofits and other community-focused organizations.

I have spent most of my professional life in the nonprofit world.  I have been an executive director twice, for a total of 14 years, for two vibrant and still active organizations – the Center for Popular Economics, and the Community Development Network (which merged with AOCDO to become Oregon ON to increase the scope of its work). I’ve helped to create four new nonprofits and several coalitions, have served on nonprofit boards in many different roles, and have taught a wide variety of workshops both locally and nationally at conferences, community colleges, and as internal staff training. My consulting, training and facilitation work began in the nonprofit world, and much of it is still done there, but I also work with schools, housing authorities, other governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and small businesses; organizations that are creating healthier and more inclusive communities, supporting people who need to get on a more secure footing to make the changes they want to make in their lives, and creating environments where people can grow in community.

I can facilitate change, and can teach you to do the same.

I’ve been involved in organizational development, facilitation and coaching work since the mid-1980s. I began doing individual coaching in 2006, when training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and am a certified, professional co-active coach (CPCC).  The work I love best is work that allows me to integrate the approaches and tools of co-active coaching with my deep understanding of organizational development and community building to support people and organizations in creating transformative change. I’ve done plenty of traditional strategic planning and board development work, but these days I focus primarily on helping groups deepen their capacity to engage the people they serve (and each other) in more curious, respectful, relational ways, building commitment and capacity for intentional change, and creating processes and systems that support good communication and strong, creative collaboration.

The focus of my work is creating environments and processes that free people up to grow into their gifts and do their best work. I am continually delighted by the powerful shifts that happen through combining coaching tools with more traditional facilitation, analysis and training tools to support insight and change.

I do have both ESB and WBE certification – #6608.

Other things…

I am a musician, a writer, and a sometimes facilitator of writing workshops for Write Around Portland. (You can find my band at www.kendalin.com.) I am a student of the Alexander Technique, yoga, Voice Dialogue, and Compassionate (Non-Violent) Communication. I am a pedestrian at heart and get cranky if I have to spend too much time in the car.

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my composer-arranger/music teacher/band co-leader husband, Shawn Orpinela, three fabulous cats, and a garden that has learned to put up with a lot of benign neglect.

If you want more details, you can also view my LinkedIn profile.

Please feel free to call, 503-788-2333, or email me with any questions you may have.

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“Tasha is extremely intuitive and we felt that in a very short time she understood our dynamics and concerns.  With her guidance, and with tools she provided, we were able to craft a workable plan of action.”

Roberta Hellman, Kol Shalom

“Tasha’s calm demeanor matched with her personal commitment to developing the individual as well as the team is unique and compelling.”

Rebecca Channer, independent contractor and consultant (and executive coaching client)

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