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I am currently offering training online, using Zoom and Mural, a powerful and easy to use tools for visual collaboration.

Do you need your leaders and teams to be more effective?

Training is an essential part of leadership development and the building of organizational capacity. And, it’s a big investment. So how do you make sure you are getting training that will accomplish what you need it to accomplish?

There is a lot of training out there — much of it good and useful — but too often trainings designed to meet the needs of a broad range of groups end up either not addressing your specific needs, or offering you new approaches that seem great but are too hard to implement in the specific context of your organization or project (especially when only a handful of people got the training).

When you want to focus on building the skills of your leaders and increasing organizational capacity, sometimes the best approach is on-site interactive training.

You need training that is:

  1. Highly interactive, so people don’t just get introduced to tools, they get to figure out how they might apply in your group, and practice what they learn so they are ready to use and teach them.
  2. Focused on practical tools that are easy to learn, remember, teach and apply, and that are easily adapted to fit particular needs.
  3. Taught using real life problems and goals that your group has right now.

By bringing training into your organization instead of sending people out to be trained, you can provide training to more people, create common vocabulary and approaches within and across teams, and ensure that the training is focused where you need it focused.

I have many tools to offer, and, I customize my workshops and training series to fit the needs of the organizations with which I work. Please see my client list to get a sense of the groups I’ve worked with recently.

Qualifications and Focus

I’m Tasha Harmon, the founder of New Perspectives. I am a certified professional co-active coach and have spent over 25 years in the nonprofit sector as a staff member, manager, executive director, board member, volunteer, facilitator, consultant and coach. I teach, alone and with colleagues, on a wide variety of topics related to decision-making, communication, problem solving, facilitation, board and staff development, and change management.

Participants leave my workshops with tools they can use
, including written templates, checklists and other practical support materials. You’ll find downloadable versions of some of the tools groups have found useful under Resources. I invite you to make use of any you think will be helpful in your organization.

Workshops offered include:

Please contact me for information about these and other trainings. I’d love to talk with you about the challenges your organization is facing and how training could support you in reaching your goals.

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Want a taste?

Key tools from all of the workshops listed above can be presented in an interactive way in a one-hour mini-workshop. Hiring me to do a mini-workshop will give you an immediate, hands-on sense of whether the tools I am bringing will be useful to you. The cost is $160 inside the Portland Metro Area. For workshops beyond those boundaries, I add travel time and related expenses.

Local Workshop You Can Attend

I am offering workshops myself and also through PCC’s continuing education division. These will be offered online using Zoom and Mural (one of my favorite new tools). Because we are using Mural, you will need a computer rather than a phone to participate.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, please subscribe to my eNewsletter.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no organizationally-focused workshops on my schedule right now. If you are interested in my facilitating a workshop for your organization, please contact me.

You will find my coaching-oriented workshops on the workshops page on the coaching side of my website.

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Training at Conferences and Other Events

I also teach workshops at conferences and as part of other people’s training series. Events I’ve presented at include:

  • National CoHousing Conference
  • Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference
  • Providence Health Center Annual Conference for Compensation Dept
  • The Multnomah County Library Lunch and Learn series – several workshops over several years (click here to listen to a podcast of my hour long workshop on Moving from Complaints to Collaboration)
  • The Oregon Master Gardener Association – a total of seven workshops as part of their Leadership Forum series and a keynote conference address
  • The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship Annual Nonprofit Organization Board Trainings and regional workshops
  • The Oregon Opportunity Network (Oregon ON) Industry Support Conferences
  • The Oregon Zoo volunteer program (ZooFresher)
  • The Willamette Development Officers (WVDO) Annual Conference
  • The Nonprofit Association of Oregon’s Portland training series (with Paula Manley)
  • The Oregon Civic Engagement Conference
  • The American Association of Women in Community College Fall Conference
  • The Institute for Nonprofit Management’s Nonprofit Leaders Boot Camp at Portland State University
  • The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences–Washington Spring Meeting (ASCLS-WA)
  • Teaching Learning Center series at PCC Cascade (for faculty and staff)
  • The Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium Annual Meeting
  • The Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association (NOVAA) Annual Conference (twice)
  • The Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition Annual Gathering (several times)
  • The National Community Land Trust Conference (several times)

If you are interested in my doing a workshop at your conference or event, please contact me.

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From Workshop Evaluations:

“A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties.  It was rewarding and had very good results.”

“(provided) new paths toward solutions — clearing away the clutter”

“Gives you tangible tools to use on your own.  Tasha is really great!”

“Exceeded my expectations”

“Well organized, fun and energizing; very helpful.”

“Tasha has the ability to go beneath the surface of people into the deeper motivations in the way they react to life”

“Very helpful in learning new ways to see and think about things”

“Great investment of my time”

“It was fun and you gave me tools I can use every day”

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