Thought Partnering

As a facilitator, trainer, or organizational development consultant, do you ever wish you had someone to:

  • Brainstorm with you about a meeting agenda?
  • Review the survey data you have and provide another perspective, look for things you might be missing?
  • Think up front about how to design a process?
  • Listen and provide some ideas or new questions when you feel stuck, or something isn’t going well?
  • Read a draft report, ask questions, make suggestions, and check for internal consistency?
  • Bring some specific skills or experience you don’t have?

I’ve been a facilitator, trainer, and supporter of organizational change for over 25 years. If the perspectives, tools and experiences you see reflected in the rest of this website seem like they might be useful to you in a thought partner, I would be happy to talk with you about what I might bring to a particular process or project. Please reach out if you are curious.

“As a facilitator and organizational consultant, I work on a variety of projects, and almost always on my own. It’s so incredibly helpful to have someone that I can call up for advice or perspective and immediately get right into the core of my conundrum or need. Tasha is amazing at this! She is able to think quickly, adapt through the conversation as the story evolves, offer all kinds of suggestions, and send me resources to help. It’s such a relief knowing that I can call on her — and knowing that she’s available has given me the confidence to say YES to gigs that stretch my boundaries. Thought-partnering is a fantastic service!”

Jenny Leis
Group process facilitator and consultant

* * * * *

“Tasha was an invaluable thought partner for me. My client benefited from my having had Tasha’s help reflecting on their situation and strengths, and co-creating with her an agenda to support their decision-making conversation. Tasha is very insightful and brings a huge box of helpful tools and resources for facilitation and planning. Plus, she is really fun to work with!”

Allison Handler
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