Tools For Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck is an experience common to us all. It shows up when we are trying to make decisions, designing new ways of doing things, dealing with difficult situations — indeed any sort of uncertainty or conflict can land us in that stuck place. When it shows up, it stifles our creativity, brings up judgment and anxiety, and wastes a lot of time.

This highly interactive workshop offers powerful, easy to use tools that will help you and your staff and/or board move through situations that feel stuck or highly conflictive; make better, more creative choices and feel better about those choices afterward; reduce stress and anxiety around challenges and transitions of all kinds; and be more efficient, effective, and inspired.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify what is keeping them/the group stuck when they get that way;
  2. Ask questions that will clarify what is making other people feel stuck;
  3. Find new perspectives on old problems and use those to create and implement change; and
  4. Use several tools that make both choosing and taking action easier and more powerful.


Tools for Getting Unstuck is available in many formats:

  • An hour long interactive, inspirational workshop
  • A three to six hour stand-alone workshop
  • A series of shorter training sessions
  • A training component in a larger facilitation process
  • As part of individual or team coaching

This workshop and the tools contained in it have been a major hit at conferences, a critical piece of in-house leadership development efforts, the favorite take-away from a facilitated retreat, and the most popular Lunch and Learn session the Multnomah County library had held to date.

Want to try it out?

The one-hour version of this workshop makes a great brown-bag lunch event, or part of a training day. Try it out — the people who have found it inspiring, practical, energizing and say they are still using the tools long after the workshop is over. The cost is $160 inside the Portland Metro Area. For workshops beyond those boundaries, I add travel time and expenses.

Call or email me if you are interested in knowing more or discussing a workshop or training.

P.S You can hear the Library Lunch and Learn as a podcast. This version was designed for individuals, not organizations, but it will give you a feel for some of the tools.

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“Well organized, fun and energizing; very helpful.”
~Training participant
“A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties.  It was rewarding and had very good results.”
~Workshop participant

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