Organizational Development

I think of all organizational development work as facilitation and training; my role is to facilitate the process that works to get the organizational goals met, while building your capacity to do this work.

My areas of deep experience include:

  • Nurturing respect and trust, accountability and empowerment
  • Shifting the culture from a focus on providing services to supporting people to make change
  • Effective decision-making
  • Meeting and process facilitation
  • Building commitment and capacity for intentional change
  • Leadership development
  • Project management
  • Board development
  • Strategic planning
  • Nonprofit start-up
  • Working in coalitions and partnerships

In December, 2014, I completed a five day Organizational Diagnosis training taught by Sam Kaner at Community at Work.  This training develops practices for promoting organizational self-awareness, and co-designing and supporting intentional change processes.

In the summer of 2015, I completed a 4 day training series on Trauma-Informed Care.  While this does not make me an expert on creating trauma-informed processes and places, it does mean that I understand that framework.  I can connect the work I do with goals around reducing re-traumatizing events, and being useful and respectful responders to trauma-induced behaviors.  Trauma-informed care, co-active coaching and organizational diagnosis are complimentary, mutually supportive frameworks, and their tools work well together.

For more on my approaches, see the Home page, and How it Works.

To schedule a free consultation to talk about what your organization needs, please contact me.

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