Is This You?

Does any of this feel like it describes you?

  • You work hard because your work really matters to you; because people need you and you want to make a difference.
  • Your work is hugely fulfilling in many ways, but leaves you exhausted.
  • Between your commitments to your work and your family, it feels like there isn’t ever time for you, and you are starting to wonder if you can keep this up.
  • You aren’t doing work for pay; you dedicate your time to your family, volunteer work, or other important activities where you are needed, and you are feeling stretched thin, and like there isn’t really time for you in all this.
  • People tell you that you are a creative person, but you are not so sure, or you sure don’t feel like you’re being creative most of the time.
  • You bring a lot of creativity to the work you do, but there are lots of other creative parts of you that you never get to access any more.
  • You know what feeds you, but it’s hard to make time for those things.
  • You care a lot about the work your organization does, but you are feeling really burned-out.
  • You know you need to take better care of yourself, but it’s hard and there is never enough time.
  • You are really good at your job, and it is work that really matters, and you are starting to wonder, every once in a while, if maybe you would be happier doing something else.
  • Something that has been part of the foundations of your life or identity has changed dramatically; you are feeling lost, and are determined to make good choices as you create something new for yourself.
  • You feel like you are standing on the edge of what could be an earth-shattering change and you aren’t certain how to be sure the choices you make will lead you to a more fulfilling, happier life where you get to be whole.

You won’t be all of these things but, if some of them sound a lot like you, I encourage you to explore the tools and approaches you’ll find on this website.

I help people who give their all to what is important to them and lose parts of their hearts and souls in the process, who want to rediscover the gifts that come from knowing themselves and learn to live from — and in — connection to their fullest selves.

Take a look around. See if anything here feels like it would be useful to you.


This website has lots of information, and ways to explore. You can read about my approach, workshops I offer, resources I use and recommend. You can subscribe to my eNewsletter and read articles from early issues. You can listen to several short workshops I did at the library. You’ll also find information on coaching groups, which are also a great way to get started. All that stuff is easily found via the menu bar above (the recordings of workshops are in “Get a Taste,” which drops down from “About Tasha”).

Or, if you are feeling pretty at home here already and want some direct support focused just on you and where you are right now, contact me and let’s talk about doing some coaching.


I’m happy to answer any questions you have about any of this. My phone is above, and you can email me through the contact me page.

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