How I can help you build more powerful and effective processes, teams and leaders.

Whether you are struggling with ineffective meetings, communication problems, staff or board disconnect or overwhelm, or need to develop stronger leaders or shift your organizational culture, I can help. Here is how:

The New Perspectives approach is a synthesis of my many years in the nonprofit sector and my training as a co-active coach. I can facilitate retreats and processes; train board and staff in communication, decision-making, collaboration, leadership development and facilitation; teach and customize coaching tools to help staff move from providing services to supporting people to make change in their lives; help design effective systems; and provide coaching for teams and individuals.

I am currently supporting organizations and individuals using phone, Zoom and Mural, a powerful and easy to use tool for visual collaboration.

I bring tools and approaches that will:

  • Make your meetings more productive and satisfying;

  • Give your staff communication and decision-making tools they can use right away that will both save time and make people feel secure and included;

  • Increase trust, respect, and collaboration among staff and board members, and with those you serve;

  • Build both commitment and capacity for intentional change; and,

  • Nurture leadership development in ways that immediately improve outcomes;

both while I’m there, and afterward.

Depending on what your organization needs, you will want some combination of consulting, facilitation, coaching and training. You’ll find more details on each of these services in its subsection, but just to give you a brief overview:

Organizational Development Consulting: Work with you and your team(s) to clearly identify the challenges you are facing and your goals for change. Co-design and carry out processes that will both meet your immediate goals and strengthen your team(s)’s capacity to meet such challenges in the future.

Facilitation: Make meetings, retreats and processes easier, more productive, and more satisfying. Learn simple, powerful tools you’ll keep using long after I’m gone.

Coaching for Individual Managers and Teams: Help your staff develop new skills, step into new levels of leadership, build on their strengths and better compensate for their weaknesses, all while improving their immediate performance.

Training: Gain practical skills in highly interactive trainings that use real life problems and goals your organization or team is wrestling with right now. Get inspired to make shifts that will free up energy and make your work more effective and satisfying.

To find out which of these will help most with the unique struggles that your organization is facing, contact me for a free discovery conversation.

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