Tuning Into Your Own Wisdom

a one-day retreat for people at work on creating the lives they want to be living, Saturday, July 21st from 10:00 to 5:30 in Outer SE Portland

You do have the wisdom you need.

Come spend a day exploring ways to access your own wisdom, and create some touchstones to ground and guide you as you continue to become the person you most want to be

I invite you to join 7-10 other people to:

  • Play with color, texture and images to bring your struggles and your core values into clearer focus.
  • Use imagery and movement to strengthen your ability to shift into new perspectives.
  • Explore what your body and your intuition know.
  • Enjoy the richness of a full day to immerse yourself in the work of knowing yourself better – both who you are, and who you are becoming.

Cost: The cost is $85, and includes a light lunch.

Reserving a Spot: If you are interested in registering, please send me an email letting me know you want to do so.  I’ll reply with the address for you to send the $85 to reserve your spot.

The group will be limited to 10, and about half those spots are already filled by folks from my spring coaching group, so if you are interested, please get your spot reserved soon so you won’t be disappointed.

The deposit is refundable if you let me know 14 days in advance that you cannot participate. If you let me know one week in advance that you are canceling, the deposit can be applied to a future coaching session.

Setting and Location: We will have the whole house, the decks, and nearly two acres around my home in outer SE to use (my husband and mother-in-law have graciously made plans to be away for the day) so we’ll spread out through the house to work on the more tactile-oriented projects and, if the weather cooperates, we can work outside some. (If it rains, we’ll make lots of tea and be cozy, but there will still be plenty of room.)

I’m located near SE 92nd and Johnson Creek Blvd (just off I-205). I’ll send the address and directions out with registration confirmations.

Allergy Alert

We do have three cats. They can be banished to downstairs for the retreat, and I will have vacuumed, but if you are violently allergic, this is probably not the retreat for you (sorry).


If you have questions about the retreat, please call or email me. I’m at 503-788-2333 and Tasha@LifeWorkChanges.com.

Whether I see you this summer, or not, I hope these lovely long-lighted days bring you exactly what you need as you continue to create the life you want to be living.



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