Perspectives 15: Steering From Our Centers

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I have been doing more and more relationship coaching over the last year and a half, and am feeling hugely grateful to be expanding my coaching work in this way. I am planning a series of articles rooted in that work for this winter and spring, but if you are curious in the meanwhile, please see the new section of my website focused on relationship coaching.

In other news…

I was asked to write a blog on Steering From Our Centers for PCC this summer. You’ll find a teaser and a link below.

I am teaching three workshops at PCC this Fall term:

  • The one-hour version of Tools for Getting Unstuck as a free Lunch and Learn at the Multnomah County Central Library on October 4th,
  • The full, three-hour version of Tools for Getting Unstuck on October 16th, and
  • Creative Problem Solving on November 6th.

Details and registration info are below.

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Steering From Our Center – Core Values as Signposts on the Journey to a Fulfilling Life

We all want to make good choices that will lead us to fulfilling work and lives, but how do we know we are on the right road?

We are often told that we need to know our life purpose or at least to have a goal and a plan. We all know people who had a clear sense of their life purpose early on – folks who had a clear calling. For them, that’s a good way to steer. But my own response to the what’s your life purpose question is “only one?”

For many of us, it’s not about finding a clear and simple single calling. And having a goal and a plan is great, but how do you choose a goal that you can be sure will bring you a life you love? How do you steer to that goal as the challenges and opportunities keep shifting around you, or when you learn something that makes you wonder if that goal you set is the right one?

For the rest of the article, please go the PCC blog page.

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Fall Workshops at PCC

Tools for Getting Unstuck as a Free Lunch and Learn at the Central Library from Noon to 1:00 on October 4th

This is the one-hour version, but the basic description is the same as the one provided for the longer version below. The Multnomah County Central Library is located at 801 SW 10th. Pre-registration is NOT required – just come on by!

Tools for Getting Unstuck – October 16th

Feeling stuck is an experience common to us all. It stifles our creativity, brings up judgment and anxiety, and wastes a lot of time. Come spend three hours in this highly interactive workshop learning some ways to get out of stuck spots, make decisions you’ll feel good about and create the forward motion you need to create the changes you desire. These techniques can be used at a personal level and in organizations (workplaces, boards, families, recreational and creative organizations, etc.)

Logistics: Tuesday, October 16th from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at PCC’s SE Center (SE Division at 82nd), in Admin 102. The cost is $29 and the CRN is 47548.

Pre-registration is required. To register, go to

Creative Problem Solving – November 6th

Creativity is never more important than when you’re searching for an answer. Come spend three hours in this highly interactive workshop learning some ways to tap into your most creative self when tackling any problem.

Logistics: Tuesday, November 6th from 6:30 to 9:30p.m. at PCC’s CLIMB Center in inner SE (near OMSI), room 301. The cost is $29 and the CRN is 47550.

Pre-registration is required. To register, go to

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What People Say About My Groups and Workshops

“Emotional, rewarding and life changing”

“The group was inspiring, stimulating, helped me shift out of negativity toward optimistic ideas. I love your style – welcoming, supportive.”

“This workshop has changed how I think about my life”

“I now have LOTS of tools to help me make shifts in my life that I’ve wanted.”

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If you are feeling stuck and want to do more in-depth work to move through your stuck spots and begin creating the life you want to be living, I invite you to do three months of coaching.

We will focus in on what is most alive for you, most stuck, most confusing, and discover ways for you to access your own deep wisdom and to release old patterns that have stopped serving you and are preventing you from making the changes you want to make. Coaching is practical – learning and action are integrated, so you are actually taking the steps you want to be taking while getting more clarity about what makes these changes challenging and how to make it easy. The cost for three months of individual coaching is $585.

You will find information about my coaching work on the Coaching page.

I also coach relationships of various kinds. You will find more about my relationship coaching on the website.

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